Dr. Richard Land at G92 South: “I can’t answer any direct questions about the Alabama law. I will say this: that when the Congressman Sensenbrenner was trying to get an amendment to the immigration reform that ultimately failed in the Bush Administration, his amendment was that if you aided and abetted someone who was here in an undocumented status, you could be fined and you could be penalized and we opposed that amendment much to Mr. Sensenbrenner’s unhappiness. We opposed that amendment because we felt it was more like the fugitive slave laws of the 1850s, where people were penalized if they assisted fugitive slaves who were trying to reach their freedom. It’s not our business to ask people their immigration status before we extend aid and assistance to them. “

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G92 South will engage students, pastors, and national faith leaders in a Christ-centered conversation on immigration.

February 23, Birmingham, AL
Samford University